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ASD Dimension II 

ASD Dimension II stands apart from it's competitors in that it empowers you to deeply customize it for yourself,  yet not jeopardize accounting, upgrade, or security  integrity. It radically streamlines the entire process from conceptualizing your solution, to building it and training your people to use it. It is a copyrighted methodology that guarantees your desire to automate your company will be successful. 

Other companies offer boxed solutions; run setup and wait for a paperclip to dance around. Could such a thing conceptually even deal with your needs, specifically? Shrink wrap products and vendors have their place, just not in your business. And don't be fooled by their "source code" products. We started the open source accounting business, and we're simply the best. We have always focused on it, but more importantly embodied it into world class software second to none.

What is Dimension II?
Dimension II is a very mature series of modules that, in some combination specific to you, provides your company with a single software application used by everyone. At it's heart, Dimension wants to produce meaningful Financial Statements, yet it shields system users from the complexity of doing so. It provides source code, such as .NET and SQL Server objects, but within a governed environment that replaces more generic products, such as Visual Studio or .NET. 
What Technology Is Used?
Only the most mission critical, ubiquitous technologies available today are used within Dimension II. Such technologies as Microsoft SQL Server, Office, .NET, XML, and Web Services. 
Is It Just an Accounting System?
While Dimension II provides mature multi-currency, double entry accounting, it also serves as a mature data repository, Reporting Server, and Web Service builder. Additionally, because it's built with our Application Wizard, you're able to make meaningful improvements without being a coder or an accountant. Having those skills does however lend itself to you producing more mature solutions.
What Standard Modules are Available?
System Manager, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Human Capital, Purchasing, Materials Management, Sales Management, Fixed Assets, Treasury Management, and Project Management. 
What Extended Modules are Available?
General Ledger Drilldowns to Source Documents, MRP, Light-Manufacturing, Stone Manufacturing, Project Management,  Fleet Management, Marketing Management, Manufacturing and Production, Rental Management, Marine Transportation, Linen Services, PPO Management and Preventive Maintenance.

Standard Modules

bullet System Manager
bullet General Ledger
bullet Accounts Receivable
bullet Accounts Payable
bullet Human Capital
bullet Purchasing
bullet Materials Management
bullet Sales Management
bullet Fixed Assets
bullet Treasury Management
bullet Project Management

Optional Modules

bullet General Ledger Drilldowns
bullet Credit Card Processing
bullet Financial Report Writer
bullet Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)
bullet Light Manufacturing
bullet Stone Manufacturing
bullet Project Management
bullet Fleet Management
bullet Commission Management
bullet Time and Expense
bullet Marketing Management
bullet Manufacturing and Production
bullet Rental Management
bullet Marine Transportation
bullet Linen Services
bullet PPO Management
bullet Preventive Maintenance
bullet Event Registration and Tracking



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